* This is a new feature of the cloud PBX service. To have access you need to have your existing IP handsets registered and working with the platform and be subscribed to the Cloud PBX service plus be using a static IP address.

You will need to contact Nehos Support and request access to this service. We need in writing the user account, IP handset make / model and the static IP address for every user account.

At the moment the service only offers the ability to monitor the status of another handset (i.e busy, ringing or available).

To access this service using a Yealink T28 IP phone you will need to log on to the phone web interface and go to DSSKey > Memory Key

Under Memory 1 Key choose Type BLF. The value will be the username of the extension your wanting to monitor (without domain name). The Line is the line under Account that your handset is using to access The Extension will be the username your monitoring so when you hit the extension key it will ring.

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