Yealink T28 IP Phone

These instructions are based on Firmware Version If your handset is less than this version please upgrade to ensure compatibility with our servers.

Under Account tab > Account 1 Register Tab

Line Active : Enabled

Display Name : caller id of this sip account for example 0731071900. This must be a 10 digit geographical number you own.

Register Name : Your Nehos SIP Username

Password : Your Nehos SIP Password

Enable Outbound Proxy Server : Disabled

Outbound Proxy Server : Blank

Transport : UDP


Stun Server : Port : 5060

SIP Server 1

Server Host : Port : 5060

Server Expires : 3600

Server Retry Counts : 3

Under Codec Tab

Audio Codecs Enabled should have PCMA as number 1

Under Advanced Tab

Keep Alive Type : Disabled

RPort : Enabled

DTMF Type : RFC2833

DTMF Payload Type(96~127) : 101

Subscribe for MWI : Disabled

Subscribe MWI To Voice Mail : Disabled

Voice Mail : 4000

Caller ID Source : FROM

Session Timer : Disabled

RTP Encryption(SRTP) : Disabled

PTime(ms) : 20ms

Shared Line : Disabled

Early Media : Disabled


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