Yealink EHS 40 Setup Guide for Jabra

Note: The EHS 40 is designed to work with Jabra, Plantronics, and Sennheiser headsets, so not all cables that come in the box are required.

For a Jabra Headset you will need:

Jabra Y Cable

EHS 40 Box

If you have a Jabra Pro 920 or Pro 925 follow these instructions:

1. Put on the headset, and simultaneously press and hold both volume buttons (+) and (-) on the top of the headset until the Voice prompt says “Set up” then release the buttons.
2. Press the black multifunction button on the side of the headset and cycle through the settings until you hear “Remote Call Control”.
3. Press the (+) button until you hear “DHSG”, then press and hold both volume buttons again until the voice prompt says “Goodbye”.
The base will restart and apply the new settings.

If you have a Jabra Pro 9450 follow these instructions:

1. Ensure there are no active calls.
2. Remove the front panel of the Jabra PRO 9450 base.
3. Center-press (push it directly in rather than side to side) the microphone volume switch on the base to enter setup mode. The mute indicator will blink slowly to indicate setup mode.

4. Tap the desk phone button on the keypad to cycle through the settings. The first setting is Remote call control (the phone symbol on the base should be solid white to indicate remote call control mode).
5. Tap the softphone (computer) button on the keypad to cycle through the values for each setting. For DHSG mode the computer light on the headset base needs to be a FLASHING green.
6. When finished, center-press the microphone volume switch to save settings and exit setup mode. The base will restart.

Sometimes after plugging the EHS cable into your phone, the phone will require a reboot to recognise the new connection. So if after following these instructions your headset is still not allowing you to open a line or pick up a call, unplug your phone from power and then plug it back in. Let it boot back up and then try again.

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