FusionPBX Getting started : Making an outbound call

First you need to have setup a new SIP account (extension) in your Nehos customer panel. You will need the username and password.

First select the Accounts / Gateway menu option

FusionPBX - Add Gateway

Next click the Add button at the right of the screen to add a new gateway

FusionPBX - Add gateway

Next we need to add the Gateway Name to easy identify this route in other applications. You will also add your Nehos SIP username and password here.

FusionPBX - Gateway Username password

You need to enter the Nehos SIP Proxy : sip.nehos.com.au:5060, Realm : sip.nehos.com.au, Expire Seconds : 800, Register : True, Retry : 30, Context : Public, Profile : external

FusionPBX - Gateway Proxy settings

Make sure Enabled : is True

FusionPBX - Gateway Enabled

Hit Save

If the details were entered correctly we should be able to see that FusionPBX has registered with sip.nehos.com.au. You may need to refresh this page to get the updated status

FusionPBX - Gateway Registration Status

Now we need to create an Outbound Route to tell FusionPBX what calls to send to Nehos. Click on the Dialplan / Outbound Routes menu option

FusionPBX - Add Dial plan Outbound Route

and click the Add button

FusionPBX - Add Outbound Route

Next we enter the outbound route details. Firstly choose Nehos as your outbound gateway

FusionPBX - Outbound Route Nehos

Next we need to enter the dial plan to use with Nehos. Copy and paste the below into the window as per example.


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