How To Setup Bria Softphone (App)

You will first need to create a SIP extension in your Nehos Customer Panel.

  1. Login to your Nehos Customer Panel
  2. Click Services
  3. Click Manage (Extensions)
  4. Click Add a New SIP Extension, and add a new IP Phone
  5. Make note of your Username and Password

Once you have created the SIP extension, do the following

Please download Bria (VoIP app) Android or IOS version or for your desktop click the following link (get here ). Once you have downloaded the app, you will be prompted to configure an account, tap “add account”. First you will be asked to choose account type. Please select “SIP” to make calls as shown in following screenshot.

Bria- Generic Accounts copy

To register an account, you will asked to enter some account details to get your account up and running.

  • Account Name

Enter a name to easily identify the account

  • Display As

This value is used to set outgoing call ID. ( DID Number or SIP extension)

  • User Name (Name of the SIP extension)

Please enter the username provided when you sign up.

  • Password (Password of the SIP extension)

Enter the password which you had set up when signing up.

  • Domain (Insert domain as or according to the platform you are using)

Please enter the address of server of VoIP

After entering all the information, please slide enable function to the right to register or press “Register” on the top.


We are finished now with process of creating account. Press back button on top left on your phone and go to main screen to start making calls. You are able to set up multiple account on one app. All you need to know which account is selected when you want to make or receive calls.

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