DID Ordering

Ordering a Geographical In-dial number is easy:

  1. Login to the Nehos Customer Portal with your credentials.
  2. On the left menu, select Order Forms under Voice Services, then select Order below the Geographical DID’s section.
  3. Enter the address or suburb for number/s to be assigned from, e.g. Brisbane QLD
  4. Select the Emergency Services Location (IPND) address from the drop-down list (if empty, click here), then click Next Step.
  5. Enter the Number Range Size, i.e. 1 for a single number, 10 for a 10-number range, 100 for a 100-number range
  6. Enter the number pattern you are looking for (last 3 or 4 digits), then click Next Step
  7. You will be provided with the next available number.
    – If you are satisfied with the number, read the Customer Authorization section, enter “I Accept” with your full name, and click Submit.
    – Else, you can close the page and start over.

The number will be added to your account and you can manage it on the In-Dial Numbers menu on the left panel.

Email us at support@nehos.net or give us a call on 1300 726 889 if you need further assistance.

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