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Nehos pride themselves in that over many years they have successfully ported in every requested number. Although legislation has simplified the process for local number porting, for 1300/1800 also known as Freephone and Local Rate Number (FLRN) porting, it has not.

The base information we normally require is your current supplier account number and the company name & address that appears on your current suppliers bill. Where the current supplier is wholesale off another Telco/Service Provider, we will require their Wholesale Account Number, as this is the actual account number used to port.

A 13/1800 number port request is initiated from the Nehos Customer Portal, or contact Nehos Sales Team for further info and guidance.

Example: Single 1300/1800 Number that you would like to port into your Nehos account.

Step 1 – Complete the 13/1300/1800 Numbers port application from the Nehos Customer Portal under Voice Services > Order Forms.

Step 2 – We check and with no further questions, we make request to port out from the losing carrier. Current supplier has typically 5 working days to accept the request, or it can reject if is incorrect information.

Step 3 – You are notified and with a successful result, we then confirm a book in date and time at least 1-2 days ahead. This is always between 09:00 and 15:00 EST Monday to Friday (excluding any National, NSW or QLD holidays). If rejected, we also make contact and provide further information as it may be appropriate to resubmit.

Pricing found at https://www.nehos.net/voice/13-1300-1800-numbers.php.

Retail account number

In a retail scenario, the losing provider is the Carriage Service Provider (CSP) that has directly issued a FLRN to the customer and therefore has a direct relationship with the customer. The losing provider has the responsibility to provide a porting customer with the retail account number attached to the FLRN. Often, this number will be readily identifiable from the customer’s tax invoice or telephone bill.

Wholesale account number

In some cases, a wholesale account number will be required to port a customer’s FLRN. This will apply, for example, in a wholesale scenario where the losing provider under a wholesale arrangement, had obtained a FLRN from another CSP, in order to subsequently resell that FLRN to its customer. The wholesale account number is the number issued by an upstream carrier/CSP to the new provider, and is distinct from the retail account number, which is the number the losing provider had issued to the customer.

Customers wanting to port away from a losing provider under a wholesale arrangement will need to know the wholesale account number in order for the upstream carrier/CSP to confirm that this wholesale account number matches its own records at the time of porting.

The losing provider with which the customer has a direct relationship is responsible for providing the wholesale account number attached to the FLRN being ported.

External ref: https://www.acma.gov.au/port-customers-phone-number

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