ADSL2 Test Procedure

This article is designed to assist client that has determined that their internet access is not active and in some cases this will also be seen to stop normal phone operations.

Step 1: Power off ADSL2 modem or combined modem/router for 10 seconds, then power back on. Then wait 2 minutes.

Step 2: Check status of modem – record the lights that are on, especially the DSL light/indicator.

Step 3: If DSL light is on test local PC/Mac again to determine if internet access has returned.

If no DSL light and/or internet does not function goto Step 4

Step 4: Test the associated ADSL2 Phone line to ensure its active and working normally. In order to do this you will need a regular analogue telephone. Attach this direct to phone line with no ADSL2 filter/splitter in place. Provided Dial tone is clear and present – attach the modem again and power on.

Step 5: Having determined there is dial tone, but either no DSL light and/or Internet service – CALL NEHOS Support.


Step 6: There is NO Dial Tone.

Please contact your telephone line provider and report a FAULT. We also suggest that you leave the simple analogue telephone device attached until the basic telephone service is restored.

When the service is restored then reconnect the ADSL2 Filter / Splitter and/or re-attach the ADSL2 Modem/Router.

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