Voice Services Access Instructions

Your Domain & SIP Proxy will need to be set to sip.nehos.com.au ( to use this network.

The sip.nehos.com.au domain supports SIP signalling on UDP/TCP on port 5060

You will need to allow your Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) to allow use of the for SIP signalling and RTP media. 

For CPE equipment that uses STUN the signalling will be TCP or UDP protocol on port 5060. For sip.nehos.com.au domain IP address &

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Codec SupportCodec Support

Codecs The following codecs settings are available on the sip.nehos.com.au and cpbx.nehos.com.au network. G711 alaw G711 ulaw G722 The public switched telephone network (PSTN) in Australia uses G711 alaw (20ms