Codec Support


The following codecs settings are available on the and network.

G711 alaw
G711 ulaw

The public switched telephone network (PSTN) in Australia uses G711 alaw (20ms p-time) by default. If you use other codecs  on your equipment we will need to transcode it to use G711 alaw (20ms p-time) for every call to the PSTN which will result in a very small amount of latency and call quality loss to the call.

If you set your equipment to use G711 alaw with a 20ms p-time you will experience the best in call quality when calling the PSTN.

You should not limit your codec lists on your equipment to just one codec. G711 alaw must be enabled to ensure calls to and from the PSTN do not fail.

G711 ulaw (U.S standard) should be disabled on all equipment and is not supported on the Nehos network.


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