Firewall / NAT settings to access Cloud Voice Services

Nehos  voice services use the subnet for SIP signaling and RTP media (UDP). Backup voice services use subnet for SIP and RTP media (UDP)

The voice network supports SIP signalling on UDP on port 5060 and TCP on port 5061.

Communicator uses TCP port 5222,5223 and 10005.

It is highly recommended to prioritise this traffic with advanced traffic management (QoS) within your router and allow traffic from this subnet to ensure that there is no interruptions to signalling or media.

Please ensure that any SIP ALG is disabled (except for Mikrotik routers) as this can interfere with proper SIP signalling.

For the best experience on the Nehos network we highly recommend using Nehos certified equipment including the Nehos broadband managed router. Our solutions offer advanced features such as advanced traffic management and control, VPN services, advanced security, enterprise class WiFi and IPv6 for future compatibility at a highly competitive price compared to other 3rd party solutions. Please contact our sales team for further information or to check that your current equipment will meet your requirements.

* Please note that sending SIP signaling to any IP within the that your equipment was not assigned to i.e may result in your IP being blocked from accessing the Nehos network.

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