FusionPBX getting started : Receiving an inbound call

In this part we are going to set up inbound calling.

Make sure you have a DID setup in your Nehos customer panel and that it is pointing to the SIP account (extension) that your FusionPBX is using and registered to. The DID must have Dial Type of default and the Registration Server must be sip.nehos.com.au

Nehos Customer panel - DID extension setting for FusionPBX

First click on Dialplan / Destinations

FusionPBX - Add Dialplan Destinations

Then select Add as show

FusionPBX - Inbound Destinations Add

Make sure Type is Inbound. Then enter the DID number into the Destination and make sure Enabled is True and hit save.

FusionPBX - Adding Inbound Destination

The go to Dialplan > Inbound Routes

FusionPBX - Inbound Routes

Next click on the add button on the right of the screen

FusionPBX - Add Inbound Route

Now type in the number details into the Name section. The Destination Number should be in the same format as it is being presented by Nehos (as listed in your customer panel). You may need to do a test call and check the Freeswitch logs to check how it is being sent. Then select the Destination Number and then select the Action

FusionPBX - Set Inbound DID to destination

Make sure the Inbound Call Routing is Enabled and click save.

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