Firewall / NAT settings to access Voice Services

Nehos voice services use the ( and subnet for SIP signaling and RTP media. Please allow traffic using UDP on any port from this subnet to ensure that there is no interruptions to signalling or media.

For your Domain & SIP Proxy will need to be set to

For the Cloud PBX voice network your Domain & SIP Proxy will need to be set to or or or (dependent on the service you were assigned).

The voice network supports SIP signalling on UDP on port 5060 and TCP on port 5061.

For CPE equipment that uses STUN the signalling will be TCP or UDP protocol on port 5060 on the same IP addresses listed above for the domain you connect to.

Please ensure that any SIP ALG is disabled (except for Mikrotik routers) as this can interfere with proper SIP signalling. Also disable any “Deep SSL Inspection”.

* Please note that sending SIP signaling to any IP within the, that your equipment was not assigned to may result in your IP being blocked from accessing the Nehos network.

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If your equipment supports STUN then you should enable and use the following address for the stun server : and port 5060 or and port 5060 Please note that our