Total VoIP Solution Explained

Nehos pride themselves on fact that they can provide a complete solution that’s innovative, reliable and best in class. In turn offering the lowest cost of ownership, a high level of functionality and first class management.

To provide any solution successfully it has to have the right mix. If any component is vulnerable or performs poorly it will bring down the whole solution. To provide a high level of assurance and to reduce potential problems for you and a bundled solution is
a smart option to consider.

The elements that make this work.

  1. Broadband Access – Although there are some Nehos services that do not require this it is generally considered the critical component. This method of broadband access and service level needs to meet the business needs 100%.
  2. Call Termination Service – This is where your calls pass through to go outbound or pass back inbound. The Broadband service is the medium that these voice services normally travel over. This is the bulk of your running costs and utilizing  VoIP this is what will allow your voice costs to plummet. It is also the platform that will enable a plethora of new services.
  3. Local Equipment – Normally represented with a black box and/or IP Telephones. These devices work in conjunction with (2) and (1). They are able to support high quality voice and with the black box a platform that supports more complex call regimes and combining traditional analogue/digital services. All together offering greater local redundancy / high availability and a high level management.