Yealink W60B + W56H Overview

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Base Station (W60B)

  • Paging Key – used to:
    – locate a missing handset
    – toggle the registration mode
    – reset a base station to factory settings
  • 3 Indicator LEDs:
    – Registration LED
    – Network status LED
    – Power indicator LED
  • 2 line interfaces (at the bottom):
    – AC Power Port
    – Network Port

Handset (W56H)

  • Power indicator LED – used to indicate handset power and some feature statuses
  • LCD screen – used to display information
  • Keypad Control
    Navigation keys (up, down, left, right):
    – adjust ringer volume
    – switch option value
    – traverse interface information
    OK key:
    – to answer calls
    – to enter main menu
    – used to confirm actions
    Speakerphone key:
    – toggle hands-free speakerphone mode
    – answer calls
    Message key:
    – new voicemail
    – missed call
    Off-Hook key (green):
    – answer incoming call
    – enter redial call list
    – place the call
    On-Hook key (red) or Power key:
    – cancel action
    – end call
    – reject incoming call
    – Long press: turn handset on/off when handset is idle
    TRAN key:
    – transfer call to another party
    MUTE key:
    – switch to and to include the mute mode
  • Headset connector (at the bottom of the handset)

Basic Operations

Turn Handset On : Press the On-Hook key (red), then the LCD screen lights up. (Note: Placing the handset in the charger cradle will turn the handset on automatically.)

Turn Handset Off : Long press the On-Hook key (red)

Lock/Unlock handset keypad : Long press the pound [ # ] key

Silent Mode : Long press the star [ * ] key

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