Default browsers generally take care of the geolocation – If it does not automatically pick up the correct location, please follow the steps below:

Please go into your desktop Settings > Location
• Location for this device – On
• Allow App to Access Location – On
• Default Location > Set Default > browse the map to set the correct location
• Select which apps can access your precise location

This information will eventually be updated within 3rd party geolocation providers databases.

When you allow websites to know your location, they will also associate your IP address with any online forms which you enter your address data into. This information is eventually shared with other 3rd party geolocation entities so your location will eventually automatically become accurate.

Nehos has no direct relationship with 3rd party Geolocation Database Providers and as such has no access to update this for you.

You can try to contact these entities directly as they all have different ways of obtaining and updating this data.

Note: Geolocation can be complicated and unreliable – please see this helpful article for more information:
A new service on a new IP address requires time for 3rd party geolocation providers to update their database to reflect this new location. Over time, this will be updated automatically but as to when is unknown.

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