The SOHO plan is designed for those clients that have low volume, simple telephone requirements or just want to test us out. It utilises our flagship SIP platform, which means a client can use their own PBX (SIP Trunking) or a single telephone or establish small cluster of telephones around a direct in dial number.

This plan also includes following services and limited to:-

As a simple hosted PBX:

  • 8 Extensions, with one direct in-dial number included
  • 1 Ring Group
  • Customised extension numbers
  • Transfer of calls
  • Voicemail and Personalised Greeting*
  • Manage from client Portal

For any other PBX features or greater capacity please consider the Cloud PBX plan(s).

As a SIP Trunk:

  • 10 x simultaneous outbound call (can be upgraded Free of charge)
  • 1 x inbound call (can be upgraded additional charges may apply)
  • CLI over-stamping (free when authorised on request)
  • Manage from client Portal

*Voicemail feature for group will only work when the first extension is setup to receive voicemail.

Please email or call 1300 726 889 for any further queries.


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