FreePBX / Asterisk (Stable-6.12.65 2014)

Here is the Nehos Wiki for correctly installing and configuring FreePBX. This is what we found worked with this version of FreePBX.

FreePBX Version

64 Bit
Release Date-2014
FreePBX 12, Linux 6.5
Asterisk 11 or 13

Settings > Asterisk SIP Settings


Security Settings

Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls FreePBX-Yes-No

NAT Settings

External Address : Enter your External public IP address and subnet mask (as provided by your ISP) For example

Local Networks : Enter your Local Network IP address (try clicking “Detect External IP”)  For example /24


Audio Codecs

Codec should be set to alaw only.

Submit Changes


Click on Chan SIP Settings

NAT Settings

You need to configure depending upon your setup. For most customers that are using FreePBX behind a NAT (router) you should set Nat=yes and IP Configuration to Static IP


Advanced General Settings

SRV Lookup = Enabled


Under Connectivity > Trunks > Add SIP (chan_sip) Trunk


General Settings

Trunk Name : Nehos (Can be anything to describe what this trunk is)

Outbound CallerID : Enter a Nehos DID number which will be used to present your caller id on outbound calls.


Outgoing Settings

Trunk Name: NehosOut

PEER Details

Optional (if needed)


Incoming Settings

leave blank as the registration settings below allows inbound calls.


Registration String :

This sends a registration request to Nehos so we know what your public IP address is.

The format for the registration string is

For example


Under Connectivity > Inbound Routes

Add Incoming Route

Description : NehosDID (Can be anything to describe what this inbound route is)

DID Number : Your Nehos DID number that is being sent to this PBX i.e 0731071900

Set Destination

You will need to choose a destination where this DID number from Nehos will terminate or calls to your DID number will be rejected by FreePBX.



Signal Ringing : needs to be ticked.


Under Connectivity > Outbound Routes

Route Settings

Route Name : NehosOutbound (Can be anything to describe what this outbound route is)

Trunk Sequence for Matched Routes

0 : choose the Nehos trunk that was setup before.


Dial Patterns that will use this Route

You will need to setup dial patterns to match numbers you dial. For example to match calling a national number like 0731071900 a Dial pattern of XXXXXXXXXX


* Nehos in no way recommends the use of anything based on Asterisk. We have found Asterisk to be highly unreliable and poorly designed. In the hands of customers who do not know the software very well it tends to be a security nightmare and too unreliable to be considered for business use.

Nehos will not provide support for anything based on Asterisk. For a serious, stable free PABX solution please check out Freeswitch or FusionPBX.

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