SIP IP Authentication

Nehos supports two types of authentication for making and receiving calls on the SIP Proxy.

The preferred method is to create a SIP account within the customer panel that supports username and password based authentication.

IP based authentication which only uses the IP address that you are calling from to make and receive calls to authenticate calls. To set this up, the following information needs to be sent to Nehos Support to setup an account for you.

  • Your Customer Account code.
  • The static public IP address of your equipment that will be making and receiving calls (
  • The subnet mask to allow calls from a single IP address on your network i.e /32 or a larger range i.e /29.
  • The protocol your equipment uses UDP (UDP is the preferred default) or TCP.
  • The port your equipment will listen for calls or be making calls from (default is 5060).
  • The caller id number (geographic only i.e 0731071900) that you wish to present (can not be a mobile/13/1800 number).
  • Caller id presentation is on or off (i.e called party to see private number or to present the above caller id).
  • The State to assign this SIP account to i.e QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, ACT, TAS or WA.
  • NAT on or off. If your equipment is not behind a NAT then please select no.
  • Local call area (i.e Brisbane).
  • List of DID numbers you wish to be sent to your public IP address.

* Please make sure all this information is correctly supplied to ensure there are no delays in setting up your account.

** DID numbers can not be edited after being set to IP authentication. Changes need to be made by contacting Nehos Support

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