Cloud PBX CRM Integration – Hubspot

Login to the Cloud PBX portal ( or with your credentials.

On the left menu, select CRM.

Enable : Whether you want to enable CRM integration with PBXware.

CRM type:  Select the preferred CRM type. Only services available on the system already.

Page URL : e.g.

API key : Go to your account settings (in Hubspot) -> Integrations -> API key (only super admin accounts can see the api key). Click on ‘Show key’, and if you don’t have any, you should create a new one, if you do, just copy the given key.

Note: Hubspot doesn’t require any special configuration.


After saving your settings for CRM Integration, Test button will appear active. Clicking on this button a new window will open where you will enter CRM account information in order to test it:

Username: Provide CRM account username.

Password: Provide CRM account password.

Caller Id: Caller ID to search for customer (optional).

Log Call: Setting Log call to Yes will create a log inside CRM.

After providing all necessary information, press Run and the CRM Integration test will be started.

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