How to Order a Local Number Port (LNP)

1. Login to the Nehos Customer Portal with your credentials.
2. On the left menu, look for the Voice Services section, then select Order Forms .
3. Under Number Porting, select Order.
4. Enter the number(s) you wish to port, then click Next Step.
• If porting a single number (Simple Number Porting), please enter the number in the first box.
• If porting a more than one number (Complex Number Porting), enter one phone number per line. For number ranges, please enter both the start and end number separated by a space in one line.
5. Provide the details from current bill.
• Customer Name (as appears on bill)
• Customer Account Number (as appears on bill)
• Customer ABN (Enter N/A if not a business)
• Physical Address (PO box is not accepted)
• We recommend you upload your current bill showing the number(s) you want to port along with the account name/number. Only pdf, png, and jpg files are allowed for upload.
Once completed, click Next Step.
6. Agree to the terms, then click Submit.
For more information about LNP, please read our wiki –
Please email for any questions or issues.

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