Emergency Services Locations (IPND)

To retain use of service as the right of use/owner of an in-dial number, it is important to supply accurate and up-to-date Emergency Services Locations (IPND) information.

This is a compulsory regulatory requirement and if not accurate could delay emergency response, has implications for the implementation and operation of telephony-based emergency warning systems, and could impair or compromise efficient lines of investigations by law enforcement and national security agencies.

To add Emergency Services Location details, please follow the steps below.

  1. Login to the Nehos Customer Portal with your credentials
  2. On the left menu under Voice Services, select Emergency Services
  3. On the top right section, click New Record
  4. Complete the required information and click Save
  5. Wait for the confirmation and click OK

Do not forget to associate the Emergency Services details to its corresponding in-dial number.

  1. On the left menu under Voice Services, select In-Dial Numbers
  2. Look for the Actions column and click the Edit icon
  3. Scroll down to Emergency Services Locations (IPND)
  4. Click the drop-down arrow and select the address to be assigned.
  5. Click Update DID, wait for the confirmation and click OK

For any assistance, please email accounts@nehos.net or call us on 1300 726 889.

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