Directory/BLF List

Directory/BLF List

The Directory/BLF List is used to enter the list of extensions the user would like to have as contacts. When used with the Busy Line Field enabled phone, the user can select some of those extensions to be monitored by BLF buttons on the phone.

• Transferring on park space can be done by using BLF. Default parking lots such as 701-720 can be used (or custom parking lots defined manually).

– Choose a parking lot (e.g. 701) and add it as a BLF to the phone. To park a call to 701 simply press the BLF button. A BLF notification will be shown when that particular parking lot is occupied so a user can pick up the call by pressing the BLF button on the phone pertaining to the parking lot.

– Enter the extensions of the parking lots to be monitored and press the Save button to save the configuration.

NOTE: Please bear in mind that the phone needs to be autoprovisioned and it needs to support the BLF feature.

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