DID Operational Times

Login to the Cloud PBX Portal and go to DID > Show Advanced Options > Operational Times

The Current Date and Time is shown in the top of the window. This is the date and time you need to base your open and closed times on. Please contact us if the time zone needs to be updated.

Greeting: Greeting sound file played to callers during the closed times.

Default Destination: PBXware extension to which all calls are redirected during the closed time hours.

Custom Destinations: (optional) Redirects all calls received during non-working hours (e.g. weekend) to the PBXware extension provided here.

Open Days: Sets the working hours during which the DID is to redirect calls as set in the DID Add/Edit window. If any call is received during the hours not set here, ‘Range Destination’ is checked, and if they do not apply, the call is redirected to ‘Default Destination’. Click the + to add more open day/times.

Closed dates: Sets the specific date when all calls are redirected to ‘Default Destination’. If ‘Destination’ field in the Closed dates is set, call will not go to ‘Default Destination’ but to this number.

NOTE: DID Operational times can be switched on or off using the *401/*402 access codes. Please contact us if you want this enabled.

Email us at support@nehos.net or dial 1300 726 889 if you need further assistance.

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