Caller ID

All SIP connections must provide us with a valid caller id on every call or your calls will fail. The number must be a 10 digit geographic number. We do not accept mobile numbers or 13/1800 number as a caller id (due to Australian regulations).

This is normally placed within the “Display as” field on most equipment.

The number you present must be registered with us. It can be a Nehos DID number or your own caller id provided by a 3rd party provider. You will need to contact Nehos support to setup a CLI number that is not a Nehos DID and demonstrate to us that you have rights of ownership to a given number.

In the customer panel > Services > Extensions > edit extension section you have a choice of setting the caller id here. This will override anything your equipment sends to us with this caller id. Please note that your calls will fail unless this is a valid caller id as well.

If you wish to place a private call with no caller id displayed then prefix your dialed number with 1831.

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